Women of the St George Area are being urged to step out from behind their keyboards and make real life connections by two women who are looking to bring lifestyle blogs to life.

Lisa Greenberg and Paula Benmayor who have extensive experience in business are launching a new venture called Love You that seeks to deliver informative and fun events that will bring women together.

With a range of topline speakers like Fashion Guru Donny Galella, Dietition Susie Burrell, Channel 9 Hair and Makeup artist Connie Fotinopoulos, Mieke Buchan, Dr Janine Clark Phycologist, Marketing  & Finance experts, leaders in Social Media for business and many more amazing speakers regularly throughout the year.

“The sheer volume of lifestyle and ‘mummy’ blogs tells us that women want to know this sort of information, that it’s something they value.  But I learnt during twenty years of running a gym and working as a personal trainer that women also have a need to come together, to connect and be a part of something that brings meaning to their lives,” Lisa said.

“There used to be regular opportunities for women to come together through church, families or even weekly games of tennis and now, whether it’s because we are time poor or because of a breakdown in those institutions, it can be harder to take time out for ourselves and create connections that are important to our overall wellbeing.

“Women really are looking for opportunities to get together, so we’ve created something that isn’t so focused on business and entrepreneurship but is more about the things that we’re interested in on a day to day basis.”

As two residents of the St George area, Paula says they are excited about launching Love You locally.

“There’s a great energy in the area and we’ve been encouraged by the support of so many women who are interested in styling, fashion, fitness, nutrition and educating themselves but who don’t want to just read about this  online,” Paula said.

“They’re looking forward to having a glass of champagne amongst friends and listening to a broad range of industry leaders speaking about their areas of expertise.”

Love You will officially launch on Saturday 4 November.

Memberships costs just $149 annually and give members benefits including regular member only events with amazing speakers, early ticket access, monthly newsletters, member discounts in retail and hospitality, member only opportunity to meet our speakers and member profile perks.

All enquiries, please contact:

Polly Yuille – 0407 908 746.