Reverse Planning and Lateral-Thinking to Grow Your Business Fast

Reverse Planning and Lateral-Thinking to Grow Your Business Fast

Date - Wednesday 4 December

Time - 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM

Where - Level 27, Tower One, Barangaroo

Date TBD.

Reverse planning is a proactive strategy aimed at preventing procrastination and helping to diminish those feelings of being overwhelmed. And lateral-thinking is the solving of problems by an indirect and creative approach, typically through viewing the problem in a new and unusual light.  Put the two together and you have a winning approach to getting it done.

Come and join this fast-paced Masterclass designed to obliterate your procrastination and lead you on a pathway of success through clarity.

In this Masterclass you will learn:

  1. What procrastination really is and how to transform it.
  2. The ‘how to’ of reverse planning.
  3. A formula for reverse planning goals, projects and outcomes.
  4. How to use lateral-thinking in your life everyday.
  5. Ways to grow your business or sales by using the skills of lateral-thinking and reverse planning.

This Masterclass is for business owners and people looking for the edge in career success. It will introduce you to a new way of thinking, planning and getting it done.

Date TBD


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