Public Speaking and Presentation Skills 101

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills 101

Date - Wednesday 13 March

Time - 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM

Where - Level 27, Tower One, Barangaroo

That feeling of being a bag of nerves when you’ve been asked to stand up and speak in a meeting, or at an event, will be in your past when you see the secrets that speakers use. This Love You Sydney Masterclass is a must for career advancement and business success.

Today, being able to engage as a speaker and presenter has become a career and business must. To advance and influence you need to have the skill to stand up and speak confidently. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small group in a meeting, or a room full at a conference, the skill of public speaking pays dividends. You can take long courses that cost thousands of dollars to learn presentation structure, speaking tips and self-confidence skills that presenters use, or you can come along to the Love You Sydney Public Speaking and Presentation Skills 101 Masterclass.

Did you know that many people fear public speaking more than death? The ability to speak well to a group will on average give you access to 10% more income and raises your chances of being promoted to a more senior management role by 15%. In business, your confidence to speak is much more important than your words. You have just 7 seconds when you start presenting to make a lasting impression.

It’s time to get this skill right, and you can do it in one extended lunch break.

Presented by Madelaine Cohen, a Certified Trainer in communication in this Masterclass you will learn:

  1. How to establish your confidence blueprint in any meeting room or conference space before you speak.
  2. Skills to identify your audience, even at the last minute, and make sure they are all engaged from the minute you start speaking.
  3. An understanding of posture and voice resonance that the best presenters swear by.
  4. The structure to create a full set of presentation notes on one piece of paper to give you flow and confidence without the need to read your words.
  5. Great insights into how to present case studies and stories in presentations.

If you’re sceptical of your ability to actually do this, then take the first step and at least have some practical and easy to use skills.  You can only win by taking the step to decide that being able to present with confidence is important. You don’t know what you don’t know!


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