Leadership Communications and the Art of Elegant Solutions

Leadership Communications and the Art of Elegant Solutions

Date - Wednesday 21 August

Time - 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM

Where - Level 27, Tower One, Barangaroo

It’s such a buzz these days to consider what it means to be a leader.  That said I have a sense that leadership is changing at a rapid pace. You only have to read the newspaper or listen to reports about political change and regulatory investigations to see that leadership is being questioned.  Now is a great time to step into a new and innovative style in leadership and this Masterclass offers some thought-provoking opportunities to lead differently and become a frontrunner in the art of elegant solutions in a leadership context.

The ability to lead is heavily rewarded and highly regarded in business. Many people possess great book smart skills and are then lifted to leadership roles without the soft skills of leadership success, accountability and person to person interaction.

If you’re ready for a 180 degree mindset shift on great leadership that will create a feeling that leaves you energised at the end of each working day then book in for this Masterclass.

In this Masterclass you will learn:

  1. A new definition of leadership.
  2. An insight into the hierarchy of status that exists in our business sector.
  3. The strategies that create success through others.
  4. How to drive elegant solutions in business and team success.
  5. What to do starting now to be noticed as a leader by your actions.

Join this Masterclass if you’re ready to take your influence to the next level and if you are looking for different ways to lead.  This Masterclass is about helping you to create an energy uplift in your leadership style and actions so you can enjoy stepping up even more.



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