Love You is an influencial community for women. We believe that every woman is capable of achieving wonderful things.

Love You is about helping all women achieve their personal best. We are here to support you in achieving the goals you aspire to reach.

Love You will connect you with like minded women who have realized that life is short and who want to embrace every minute, to laugh, love and live.

Paula Benmayor

Paula Benmayor is considered one of Australia’s pre-eminent fashion stylists with an acute eye for design and flare. Humility and empathy are the attributes that have strengthened this successful entrepreneur to become the change agent for women to realise their full potential and become their best self.

As the co-founder of new venture Love You, an innovative business that blends the best of health, nutrition and fitness with fashion and styling, Paula is an advocate for women to be part of a dedicated community that shares mutual passions and dreams.

Paula is a renowned business professional and has dedicated her career to helping shape women to achieve a positive and encouraging outlook through fashion and creativity.

With significant commercial and financial acumen developed through decades of experience across major Australian businesses, Paula brings an assured and considered approach to help others achieve their outcomes.

Paula balances an abundance of real life experience with a passionate and considered position on the importance of women feeling confident at work and at home.

Lisa Greenberg

Lisa Greenberg is regarded as one of the most accomplished health and fitness leaders in Australia. Positivity and selflessness are the attributes that have created a successful professional career spanning more than twenty years running her own business.

With a degree in Sports Science and an abundance of real life experience, Lisa brings genuine warmth and empathy in her passion toward developing women to be their best self.

As the co-founder of new venture Love You, an innovative business that blends the best of health, nutrition and fitness with fashion and styling, Lisa is committed to create real connections for like-minded women to adapt, evolve and develop their personal and professional lives.

Lisa is a passionate advocate for women to be positive and active role models, ensuring they are empowered to dedicate time for themselves irrelevant of how busy their lives may become at home or at work. Lisa blends a real life energy with practical and real life experience that incorporates the best of food, fashion, fitness and fun within a connected and supportive environment.

Lisa holds a Bachelor of Sports Science degree from the UNSW and continues to support a range of not for profit organisations in Sydney.

Love You proudly donates a percentage of proceeds to The Stillbirth Foundation.

About the Stllbirth Foundation

The Stillbirth Foundation Australia is dedicated to researching the causes, risk factors and possible prevention measures for stillbirth in Australia. Recognised nationally for representing the voices of thousands of families who have been touched by stillbirth, the Stillbirth Foundation is committed to reducing the tragic number of stillborn babies each year through research, education and advocacy, whilst ensuring those families that do experience stillbirth experience best practice care