Love You is proud to announce it has today forged a partnership with Stillbirth Foundation Australia.

With six stillbirths in Australia every day and no decline in figures over the past two decades, Love You events will fundraise for research into stillbirths and will work with the Foundation to create events and provide support for women emerging from the grief of losing a child.

The Stillbirth Foundation is particularly close to the heart of Love You co-founder Paula Benmayor who lost her daughter 13 years ago.

“After the loss of a child to stillbirth I know that you do get to a point where you have to start to move forward. Love Youwill work closely with the Stillbirth Foundation to create occasions for women looking for a friendly, interesting and supportive way to start having fun again,” Paula said.

“Events will also be dedicated to fundraising for the Stillbirth Foundation to assist studies aimed at finding a means to prevent stillbirth and to support the families of stillborn babies.”

Stillbirth Australia General Manager Director Victoria Bowring says Love You’s focus on bringing women together provides a natural fit for the mothers they are supporting.

“The variety of events being hosted by Love You will give us a great platform to help women who have suffered the loss of stillbirth to start rebuilding their lives,” Ms Bowring said.

“Far too many women are united by the grief of stillbirth.  Love You will help us provide happier reasons for our mothers to come together.”