Your Guide to Dealing with People who have a Big Ego

Your Guide to Dealing with People who have a Big Ego

Date - Friday 24 May

Time - 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM

Where - Barangaroo

Why do we all squirm when we are about to be in the proximity of someone with a big ego? Is it because your every word is going to be misconstrued even though you’ve just looped what and how you’re going to say something about a million times in your mind before you even utter a word?  Or is it because however you show up you’ll be wrong, less than, not quite correct or pretty much any other put down know to man?

Welcome to dealing with people who have a big ego!

You definitely want to book in for this Masterclass because you’ll love it, you’ll laugh and you’ll take away strategies that will make your interactions with big ego people easier than before.

There’s a lot going on when a high level of self-importance and conceit takes hold in a workplace, business, with clients, suppliers or amongst friends and colleagues.  There are people we have to deal with everyday who will display behaviours that are ego driven and unpredictable making it a challenge to relate, communicate and be productive.  Ego can be costly and frustrating.

In this Masterclass you will learn:

  1. What triggers different human behaviours and where you need to be accountable.
  2. What’s really going on for a person whose behaviour is ego driven.
  3. How to communicate with ego driven behaviours.
  4. What to lead and how to create new outcomes when you’re dealing with a big ego.
  5. The five great statements that you can use to communicate effectively.
  6. How to maintain your happiness, focus and productivity around a big Ego.

If you’re ready to consciously work more effectively with the people around you and no longer be subjected to feeling overwhelmed by the actions of others you’ll love this Masterclass.  You cannot change another person but you can change how you respond! Come along to this Masterclass and discover how.


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