The value of Currency in Business and the Secrets of Financial Abundance

The value of Currency in Business and the Secrets of Financial Abundance

Date - Tuesday 31 December

Time - 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM

Where - Level 27, Tower One, Barangaroo

Date TBD.

It can be so exhausting in business and sales when the focus is so heavily weighted to financial outcomes.  The discussions seem to be constantly focussed on the “bottom line” and the vision for how this looks. Problem is that this becomes stressful and seems to attract even more hard work without massive positive results.

In Today’s business world you need to determine the real currency in what you do and how you solve problems, make a difference, and deliver results. The real currency of financial abundance in business is actually counter-intuitive and in this Masterclass you will gain new insights into the “currency” that will reverse-engineer your success and has the ingredients to bring financial abundance with the approach that some of the biggest businesses in the world use.

Yes, we all know that even the largest businesses can be rocked by regulations, a crisis, change in market sentiments and strategies that do not work.  That said 90% of small businesses in Australia fail within 6 years. It doesn’t matter if you work for or own a company large or small this Masterclass will transform your thinking and open your mindset when it comes to currency.

In this Masterclass you will learn:

  1. The currencies in business that are even more important than financial currency in determining success.
  2. How to grow and expand a business using lateral-thinking strategies.
  3. A case study on fast-growing new businesses and an analysis on what’s hidden in plain sight on their unique approach.
  4. The blueprint for changing what you focus on, with new insights to accelerate your success.
  5. Some business success ah-ha moments that will show you where you’re at and how you can succeed even more.

This Masterclass is great for people who work in any organisation including your own business. If it’s time to take some fear and a relentless focus on financials out of the hum of your day, then you’ll love this session.

Book in now to have a slightly longer lunch break and gain some new insights.

Date TBD


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