The Keys to Successful Problem Solving

The Keys to Successful Problem Solving

Date - Wednesday 29 May

Time - 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM

Where - WeWork

There are 3 main overwhelms that happen in business – money, time and problem-solving.  When you analyse the grassroots of what businesses need to succeed in times of challenge or change it will invariably come down to one of these overwhelms. Often the ability to effectively solve problems becomes defining in business success.  This Masterclass is dedicated to transforming problem-solving in business!

A problem is no longer a problem when there is an action that could be taken.  Easier said than done which is why this Masterclass is so transformational.

In this Masterclass you will learn:

  1. How to identify 3 different categories of problems.
  2. Mindset skills in effective problem solving.
  3. The ways to look differently at problems.
  4. How you attract problems and the universal energy blueprint of resolving problems more easily.

Difficult takes time, impossible just takes longer.

Come along to this Masterclass if you’ve had enough of the drama of problems and are ready for a life-changing lunch break that will shift the way you view, handle, resolve and grow from problems.



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